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every superhero needs his theme music.

You know I feel it in my bones and I wear it on my skin


can i interest you in being obsessed with me
Anette. 23. Coffeine junkie. I speak sarcasm fluently. The most adorable cutie pie you have ever seen. In the bad-ass motorcycle boots

yeah yeah yeah
Agent Carter , Agents of SHIELD, Buffy (I love Joss, yeah), Castle, Daredevil, Gotham, iZombie, Suits, The 100, Veronica Mars...and more, more, more fandoms like Harry Potter, of course, The Hunger Games, The Raven Cycle. Marvel has it's special place in my heart. Right near some old movies, chocolate, bright nail polish and hard rock.And I'm pretty bad at going to sleep before the end of the book. So, obviously, most of the time I don't sleep at all.

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