Anette (forgalisa) wrote,

lei it go.

It’s like…A middle of the night? And I still have work to do, including the fact that I left my office pretty late today. It’s a crazy week. Well, it’s a pretty crazy month (wow, we have another one already?) at all. After a pretty good New Year Eve and procedure of making a lot of lists and plans I’ve got ill (yeah, thanks, Mum). And it was pretty hard, I don’t remember the last time it was that bad. And I needed to work. At home at least, for almost 2 weeks, yeah! And after that I have news that they wanna give me a trainee! Great! Amazing! My first experience of having a personal slave! Well, of course it wasn’t that way and, to be honest, the whole process of remaking our department is pretty hard and dramatically (or traumatically), but we’re still alive. I guess, but I’m not pretty sure about it. And circles under my eyes too.

What can I say? I’m trying, srsly, I’m trying…Boring stuff, right? I agree. Let’s talk about smth more interesting. For example, I’m like into this series of The Lunar Chronicles right now. Pretty good, huh? I was like okay, I’m not that much into this book, let’s read and go to sleep, who cares…Well, it’s obvious that I care, because I couldn’t sleep until I finish it. And then the second one. And I’ll read more, okay, you got me.
It’s soooo good to have Bellamy Blake in my life again, I can’t even tell you how much I’ve missed him and the whole The 100 show. Well, more of Bellamy, of course, but the start of the season looks good, I’m into it again (as always). And I love watching my beautiful Peggy Carter again. It feels like these two shows are the only one that I watch right now. I don’t know why. But I feel that I don’t even want to watch as much as I used to. Even when I look through a pretty long list of the new eps. Who knows, maybe I’m not an addict anymore.
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