Anette (forgalisa) wrote,

can you feel it?

Hello everyone! Are you ready to rock?! No? Yeah, me neither.
It feels like we need snow. Like really need because otherwise it's gonna be the most no-snow-for-you New Year and Christmas ever. To be honest, pretty strange feeling, I miss all this snow in your hair and even in your mouth, and this freaking wind when your cheeks are red and your eyes are terrible with all this mascara over your face. Nope. Pretty calm and polite winter right now, that's all.
It's gonna be my 3d year with work and I have to say that I feel myself like a heroine of some rom-com, because I'm a pretty young and pretty closed person, but I feel this desire to spend this time with my family and friends, because actually it's not an excuse when you're always out at work and can't be right here right now. Actually even the biggest salary in the world doesn't cost this. So I'm kind of feeling that I'm doing something wrong. But despite all this stuff in my head I'm of course not ready for the holidays like at all. Or almost. We'll have a party at work on Saturday and at least I have a pretty dress, but I'm still unsure about everything else and, to be honest, don't want to go at all. But have to. Almost all of my presents are bought but I need to wrap them and definitely need to find time for it. And to decorate my room. And make a menu for the New Year's dinner. And a lot of other stuff...It makes me pretty excited to be honest, But most of the time all I want is to sleep.
Tags: let it snow and let it go.

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