Anette (forgalisa) wrote,

when you have to be a lawyer even if you don't.

Isn’t it weird that when you talk to yourself in your head it’s not your voice at all?
For example, in my head it’s mostly Kristen Bell’s voice, to be honest. I bet it’s because Veronica Mars is one of those characters who isn’t afraid to share her thoughts with the whole audience. And because her voice makes you feel like a real cutie pie, but ready to kill.

Well, hello world! I’m ready to share with you some news about my last week of a living hell. Well, the one before the last was even worse, so it’s like a party near the Hellmouth, here we go.

I thought that November will be good. I mean come on, I love autumn a lot, like really a lot, but it was pretty ruined and so, it’s kind of obvious that I’ll have a hope for the last month. Bad. So bad. Almost a whole sleepless week, bad mood, a lot of problems and nerves, documents and pretty shitty people. I haven’t done these much claims through my whole life! And it looks like it isn’t over yet. But now it’s more like a strong feeling that you have to do something not for yourself, but for others. Looks like a speech from the Captain America’s mouth, but the whole injustice and lawlessness is killing me right now. I hope people won’t get into this kind of situation that me and my friend did, at least we’ll try to alert them one way or another, because if you have to work with the travel company, this company has to be up to its reputation and reviews. But instead of it we are faced with fraud.

The worst thing in this situation is that I feel like my health is going out of control: blood pressure, terrible headaches and even a migraine. Instead of taking care of myself from Monday I’ll have additional duties at my work. And it looks like I won’t be able to leave this place at all – not good. Not even near.

But at least we’ll have the Mockingjay movie and (what a trailer!) amazing Jessica Jones pretty soon, so, let’s keep going!
Tags: i have always been a lawyer, i have never been in love, ready aim fire

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